Driving Radical Innovation

Explore how game-changing Intel® Optane™ technology—available as either memory or storage—can reshape the way we use computers.

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Question 10
True or False: Because of the remarkable lifetime endurance of the Intel® Optane™ SSD 905P Series, even the most demanding users can expect to get years of use from it.
Question 9
The Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P Series & 905P Series achieve latency of less than how many microseconds?
1 million
Question 8
Fill in the blank: The Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P Series enables high throughput at low ___________, where the vast majority of client workloads take place.
Queue depth
None of the above
Question 7
The Intel® Optane™ SSD 800P Series delivers high performance under load, even as users fill the drive, making it an ideal option for which use case(s)?
Fast boot
Quick application launch
Exceptionally smooth
All of the above
Question 6
After a certain point, Intel® Optane™ memory adds more responsiveness across everyday tasks than adding more ______ beyond 8GB.
Disk space
Cups of coffee
Question 5
HDD users who add Intel® Optane™ memory to their PC can see up to how much better responsiveness?
Question 4
Intel® Optane™ memory can make large media files open how much faster than a system with an HDD alone?
Not faster at all
It's actually slower
1.5x faster
3x faster
Question 3
Fill in the blanks: Intel® Optane™ memory combines ________ and ________ to deliver SSD-like speeds in HDD-based PCs.
Desktops, laptops
Freshness, depth
High-res monitors, wireless keyboards
3D XPoint™ memory media, Intel® Rapid Storage Technology
Question 2
Fill in the blank: Intel® Optane™ technology is relevant across use cases thanks to its next-level performance and ________.
Flashing lights
Entry-level server
Engineering program
Question 1
Fill in the blanks: Intel® Optane™ technology is available in the form of either _______ or ________.
A USB stick, CD-ROM
Memory, storage
Contrasts, compares
Secures, fixes